Eye of the Sea Jewelry was born from the magic I discovered on the island of Tinos, Greece . . . 

My career path has always been creative, exciting and challenging to say the least.  Any of us in fashion understand how our passion for the industry drives us and that crazy pace we work in daily. The invaluable experience of strategically building and growing successful businesses at Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, St. John Knits, Wolford, Malo and Christian Dior fueled the creative energy and uniqueness that has helped me to launch my own businesses.

In the Spring of 2003, after an amazing journey in the fashion industry, I took a deep breath and left my position as Vice President of the Retail Division of Christian Dior Couture to create my first company designing Pet Accessories.  Zoomies was born!  My business partner and I opened up our current store in the West Village in New York City that Fall.  Zoomies is not just a pet store; it is a brand, a destination and a neighborhood meeting place focusing on fashion, food and fun!

That summer day in June 2010 in Tinos was perfect!  To stand anywhere on the island and take in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea is a gift.  So blue, so full of life, it massages your soul being near it.  This is the home of the Eye of the Sea. This magnificent shell is found deep in the water, its magical energies offer protection and strength. I met a deep sea fisherman that summer who offered me this shell as a gift. Little did I know that day . . . a wonderful new chapter in my life was beginning.

Eye of the Sea Jewelry began as a project from the heart.  It is a reminder that we are all full of life, love and have the power and courage to change our lives and discover our own sense of calm. The enigma of the Eye of the Sea is within us all.  My rejuvenation began with offering a bead to a fisherman who changed my life forever . . . what is yours?

Changes start one step at a time, one decision at a time, one bead at a time…..